Downward spiral

by Noisefight

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Recorded at "Partyzan studio" by Marko Bolković
Produced by Marko Bolkovic & Noisefight
Mixed and Mastered by Perica Šuran
Album artwork and design by Dražen Dabo
Released by "Giljotina" Record label -


released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Noisefight Pula, Croatia

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Track Name: Defy
Lying awake, eyes open wide, mind in a loop
Trying to think all this through
All of these years, with head in the sand
Fed filtered info, served by their hand

So...bright, is the world without blinds on your eyes
No more need to pretend or disguise
Free to live out the rest of your lives

There will be blood, Tears will follow
But rest asured it won't end in sorrow
With right on your side, their time slips away
Long has been (the) wait for this glorious day

So...bright, is the world without blinds on your eyes
No more need to pretend or disguise
Free to live out the rest of your lives

Fight back
Stay true
They'll crack
The end's
Stand up and
Track Name: Lifeboat
Falling to pieces and 'cause of you,
Driving me crazy with things that you do,
Someone wake me up, from this horrible dream,
Face still as a rock, I'm about to scream

Lift me up, than drag me down,
I've tried so hard, yet lost the crown,
Still I hope (lift me up, than drag me down)
Hope (lift me up, than drag me down)

I'm sick of this feeling, and I'm sick of you,
To suck out your poison, I've no clue how to,
You are a book, I'm unable to read,
Missing lifeboat and I'm lost at sea

I never thought it was going to...
Going to come this far
I never thought it was gonna' be...
Gonna' be this hard
Track Name: Falling Apart
You can sense our time is through
There's no reason to dramatize
We've both been down this road
So let's slow down and enjoy the ride

(I) wish I could've changed what I think or how I feel for you
(But) deep down in my heart I know that it won't be true
Six feet under, or a million miles away
Either way, I need to get away, away from you

We're falling apart, I'm breaking your heart
This sense of commitment is pulling me down
You love, you get hurt, you heal, start again
Don't let me be the one you won't forget

I know I promised I would never leave
All those 'forevers' were true at the time
But sometimes people change
And I don't need you by my side

I can feel you feel it, and I need to say it
I don't want to lose you, but I can't delay this
I'm to weak to leave you, but I can't stay here
And be, be with you
Track Name: Downward Spiral
How did we find ourselves, in this entangled mess
(You pushed it, you shoved it, not knowing the limit)
Was it all my fault, tell me I wanna know
(You did it, you know it, now you have to deal with it)

Falling down this rabbit hole
I never saw it coming
Following the footsteps
Of this blind man in my mirror

Is there a way out of, this selfinflicted state
(ignoring the signs got you here in the first place)
now all is said and done, all hope is washed away
(time holds the key to your joy and your misery)
Track Name: Goodbye
I told you once, I told you twice, My patience is wearing thin
What the hell must I do to get through to you
Your face stares blankly back at me
Your eyes show you no longer care
Don't really care for me

I feel that this went on for too long
It's time to stop this sad charade
Cut our losses and move on
Just say, goodbye

I've tried to reason, tried to humor, tried to bargain with you
All I got, was a lower selfesteem
I'm fed up with your shameless scheming
Truth bending will only get you so far
You've reached the end of the line
Track Name: A New Day
The sun is rising, but I'm still here
Waiting for something to happen, or someone real
Someone to help me get through this

I don't know, if you are the one
I don't really know...

The sun is rising, and I'm still wondering
What does all this mean, and when does it end
Please tell me when it ends

I don't know, if you are the one
I don't really know...

I am waiting for a new day to arrive
And I'm holding onto this hope like a lifeline
Track Name: American Way
Counting the bodies we've sent overseas
Dying for nothing in distant countries
Asking for meaning in all useless wars
While fighting for freedom, the freedom was sold
You start to doubt, is there any point

In god we trust, but not in yours
'cuz everything you do is wrong
You deny our way of life

A logical way for achieving world peace
Is starting wars perepetually?
Lie becomes truth, if used day after day
Failures concealed with a thought out campaign
You start to see, this could all be wrong

Another war, another breach, your lives, in our reach
More oil, more power, great might, we desire
(Is this, the way, you'll face another day)
Track Name: Red Light District
You made me see for who I really am
You made me bleed to understand
An adict with your poison in my veins
Screaming hard, screaming loud, crying for help

Illnes far from point of no return
No matter what I do, I need a hit of you
Fighting hard to break the strings attached
But it is just a dream, 'cuz without you, there's no me

Why can't I find, someone right
And let go of you, need to pull through

...leave me behind to die
It's better to be dead, than forever in your debt
I'm smart enough to know what's good for me
You are not, but I can't leave, so end this tragedy

I'm your whore, I'm your slave
(you) show me no remorse
Break me up, break me in half
You know I'll still adore you
Track Name: War Of Olympia
Lost in the crowd of those dissatisfied
At the turning point of our entire lives
Breaking the walls of ignorance and threat
Making history on streets, not in governments

You can try, hold us down
Break our bones, we won't stop to
Fight for our rights, despite the lies
Your so called truth, we won't buy

Lying in the mud, gun pointed to my head
Broken by police, for fighting for beliefs
Breaking the walls of ignorance and threat
Making history on streets, not in governments
Track Name: Deception
You should represent all of the people
And fight for their rights,
With all you got,
'cause they have put all of their trust in you

You just avoid your obligations
Deceiving the world, fooling the nations
All you do is think about yourself

All through the history, people were subjugated
They were turned into sheep by the few that dominated
Whole empires were built on aggression and oppression
Wars and destruction were the means of domination

It was all for greater goals, and all so well explained
You fight and die for them, but you do not understand
Pride and nationality are two basic means
Of getting to the top of corrupted politics

We don't need your fake regimes
Your fake authorities
Fuck your politics

Democracy was built on slavery
And socialism on the power of the fear
Every regime has the same goal
Power for the few and poverty for all